Why you Can’t Understand The News in English

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Have you ever wondered why you can’t understand the news in English?  Is it because you are learning English wrong, or that English speakers on the news are using different words, phrases, pronunciation and grammar structures than what you are learning?  In this lesson, we will go through the reasons why you cannot understand the news in English, and also go through some tips to help you better understand the news in English.

Watch the video lesson to learn why you cant understand the news in English

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Why you can’t understand the news in English

  • maybe the news reporters pronunciation is different to that what you are used to.  You have not been exposed to this accent, and it is difficult for you to understand them.
  • you have been only learning English through textbooks, and not by listening to English being used in the real world
  • The news reporter uses a lot of connected speech and linking many words, which you are not able to pick up on

Tips to help you better understand the news in English

  • make it a habit to listen to the news every single day. I recommend listening to the news for about 5-10 minutes a day.  You can do this while driving to work, making your morning coffee or simply getting ready for your day.
  • try to not focus on the words and phrases, but listen for the whole message that the reporter is trying to say
  • be positive while listening.  You may not understand everything, but listen with a positive mindset by paying attention to phrases and ideas that you do understand
  • Stay consistent.  It does take time to be able to understand the news.  Try listening to the news every single day for the next few weeks, and you will see that it will get easier for you to understand news reporters
  • Listen to different news sources.  In order to better understand different English accents, I do suggest that you listen to different people from different countries, to train you ear and mind to better understand different accents in the long term.

Little exercise you can do while listening to the news

  • Listen to a news report for 3-5 minutes
  • While listening, write down on a piece of paper any key ideas and topic the news reporter stated, to see that you have understood what it is that they are saying
  • Listen to the news report again, and again write down any key ideas mentioned by the news reporter.
  • Try completing this exercise on a daily basis for 3-4 weeks and you will see you ability to understand the news improve

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