When should you use English Slang and informal English?  English speakers use a lot of informal English when talking to friends, interacting in groups, and you may hear slang being used in movies and TV shows.  But is it appropriate to use English slang and informal English in all situations and conversations?  In this video lesson we will talk about when you should and shouldnt use English Slang and informal English

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When should you use English Slang?

When I’m communicating with friends, I tend to use a lot of slang, but only with people I really feel comfortable with. 
It’s great to understand slang, and use it too, but in the right situations. 
Below you will find some situations where you should and shouldn’t use slang.

In writing:
✔ ok to use when your writing informally (with friends, on social media etc)
❌ not recommended to be using in essays and academic writing


✔ ok to use with friends and people close to you
❌ not recommended to be using with your boss or people you have a professional relationship with.

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Do you use slang when speaking in English?

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