What accent of English is the best?

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What accent of English is the best?  Choosing an accent to learn and master, while learning the English language is an important decision to make.  In this lesson we will go through exactly how to choose the best accent of English to improve your confidence speaking in English.

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Deciding what is the best accent in English to learn requires you to do some personalized analyses as to why exactly you are learning English.  Without truly understanding why it is that you are learning English, it will be hard to identify which is the best English accent for you to learn.

Start by getting a pen and paper, and writing down on the paper the following two questions and answer these questions based on you on the piece of paper:

  1. Why are you learning English? (Be very detailed here.  The more detail you add answering this question, the easier it will be for you to identify which accent you need to learn.)
  2. Who will you be communicating with? (Will you be speaking to Americans, Australian non-native English speakers… write down exactly who you will be communicating with and what accents these people have)

Now, looking at your above answers, think a little bit about really what accent is the best for you to learn.

If you will be consistently speaking to Australians, then it would be the best for you to master the Australian accent, if you will be speaking to Canadians, then it would be best to master the Canadian accent.

Please note friends that the best accent really depends on where you will be working and who you will interacting with!  If you have not clearly gone through the above steps in detail, you will be making errors in your learning in the long term.

What accent of English is the best?

There really is no best English accent.  It really depends on your learning goals and what you would like to achieve learning the English language.

Is it bad to have an English accent?

No, accents make us unique.  It is not bad if you have an accent, but it is bad if you have a strong accent and the person you are speaking to cannot understand what you are trying to say

Will people judge me on my accent?

Unfortunately, people will be people, and some people do judge people based on their accent. This really depends on you and how you decide to cope with this issue.  I am a native English speaker from Australia and I have been judged on my Australian accent.  Is this is a bad thing?  honestly, I don’t care and don’t let it bother me.  Aim for communication and be positive when communicating with other English speakers.

Is it really important to have a good accent or is fluency more important?

In my opinion, fluency is more important than accents.  Aim to speak clearly, pronounce words clearly when speaking in English to ensure communication.  Some people really love to change their accents, and it is possible, though if you are able to speak English clearly with an accent, it is not bad! Accents make us unique, own your accent 🙂


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What English accent would you like to learn, and why?

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