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 Welcome to The #UsingEnglishTP Podcast- where you will learn how to make time to drastically improve your confidence speaking in English! This English learning podcast brings you tips, tricks, and motivation to not only learn and master the English language but become a confidence English speaker!

3 Series on The #UsingEnglishTP Podcast for you to learn

The WhatsApp Group

Understand exactly how to learn and improve your level of English, but most importantly your confidence speaking in English by using the learning principles from The WhatsApp Group

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The #AskAdriana Series

In this series Adriana answers you most commonly asked questions related to learning English.  As you already know, there are many areas and different factors you need to take into consideration and study when trying to improve your English speaking skills.

The #AskAdriana series will answer your common questions about how to improve your English speaking skills and speak with total confidence. Below you will find all the previous episodes and notes from The #AskAdriana Series

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Advanced Listening Practice (mixed English accents)

Better understand fast English conversations with different English speakers by listening to this playlist. Listen to interviews with other English teachers from all over the world (American, Australian, Canadian, British accents.. ) to help you better understand natural English conversations

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The WhatsApp Group

Below you will find the latest episodes from The WhatsApp Group Series

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The #AskAdriana Series

Below you will find the latest episode from The #AskAdriana series

How to Speak English Confidently?

How to speak English confidently?  This question is probably the most asked question I get asked on my website and across all social media.  In this video lesson, we will go through tips to help you overcome your fears of speaking in English to enable you to speak...

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Why you Can’t Understand The News in English

Have you ever wondered why you can't understand the news in English?  Is it because you are learning English wrong, or that English speakers on the news are using different words, phrases, pronunciation and grammar structures than what you are learning?  In this...

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How can I speak and think English?

How can you speak and think in English fast, like a native English speakers?  In this video lesson you will learn 10 tips to help you speak and think in EnglishWatch the video lesson to learn how to speak and think in EnglishMake sure to turn on subtitles by clicking...

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What accent of English is the best?

What accent of English is the best?  Choosing an accent to learn and master, while learning the English language is an important decision to make.  In this lesson we will go through exactly how to choose the best accent of English to improve your confidence speaking...

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How To Practise English Speaking Online?

How to practise English speaking online?  There are ways for you to practise your English speaking skills online if you know how.  Use these tips shared in the video lesson to improve your confidence speaking in English by speaking to real English speakers...

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How to Improve your Reading Skills?

Learn how to improve your Reading skills with these tips. Reading is soo important, while you are reading you are improving your overall English skills. Watch the whole video lesson to learn exactly how to improve your reading skills and your overall English skills...

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Advanced English Listening Practice

One great way to improve your English Speaking skills is by immersing yourself in the English language.  To help you better immerse yourself in the English language, below you will find interviews with English speakers from around the world, with different English accents.

In each podcast episode, not only will you train your brain to better understand the English language, but you will also hear new expressions and phrases you can use when talking about these topics in English

Corporate Slavery (Interview with Canguro English)

Have you ever heard of the term corporate slavery?  If you work for a corporation does that make you a slave, a corporate slave?  In this #UsingEnglishTP podcast episode, Chris from Canguro English will talk to us about Corporate Slavery. This podcast episode provides...

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Gut Feeling (Interview with Ask Jackie)

 Have you ever been indecisive about what to do in your life?  You have had to make a decision on what to do in your life, and one decision seemed logical in your brain, though you had a strange feeling that it simply wasn't the right decision? Our brain uses a...

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