Improve your English Vocabulary by learning English idioms for law

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Learn English idioms for law to improve your English Vocabulary!

Learn English idioms for law and improve your English Vocabulary by learning English idioms for law through a story.  This is the best way to not only learn English idioms but most importantly remember and use English idioms when speaking in English

Watch the video lesson below and listen to the story and try to understand the 4 English idioms related to law. In this video lesson, you will learn idioms related to law and how to remember them when speaking English!  So, what are you waiting for? Watch the whole video lesson and learn new idioms related to law!

Watch the video lesson to learn English Idioms related to law

Make sure to turn on subtitles by clicking the CC button if you are struggling to follow the lesson 🙂

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Below you will find the lesson notes:

The idioms which we went through in the lesson are….

  • By the book – following all rules when you do something
  • To come clean – to be completely honest
  • Bona fide – in good faith, without any element of dishonesty or fraud
  • To have a brush with the law – to have a brief experience or encounter with the law

Below you will find a short story using these English idioms related to law…

A couple of days ago I asked my young nephew if he was doing everything by the book when it came to his new business. I made a bona fide effort to get him talking and maybe come clean about something. I told him that to have a brush with the law would be bad for business, but he convinced me that everything was in order.

Continue practicing….

To help you better remember these idioms, choose one new English idioms you learned throughout this video lesson in a sentence.

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