How to stay motivated learning English?

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How to stay motivated learning English?   Staying motivated when learning anything… let along the English language is hard.  Learning a new skill takes time, dedication and motivation.  We sometimes struggle to start doing something new, so this is completely normal.  In this video lesson you will learn how to stay motivated while learning English.

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In order to stay motivated learning English, it is important to understand why it is that you are learning English.  In the beginning, you may feel a strong motivation to start learning English, you feel excited to dive into something you never experienced ever before and you start despite your fears.   But slowly your fears appear and you lose confidence learning and stay motivated to learn English.

What do you lack motivation learning English?

There are a few reasons why this happens, lets go through some of them together:

 #1 Feeling too confident: maybe you have overcome the beginner’s obstacles and you got a sudden feeling of competence, without realizing that the same feeling is an obstacle itself.  There is a harsh truth in the language learning process, with leaving a beginners English level, you are actually just starting.

You know some English, but not nearly enough to consider yourself an advanced learner. You’ve learned the basics and yes, it is just enough to get you by with communication in the real world, but sometimes when you go out you get stuck and cannot remember words, grammar or phrases, and you lose all the confidence you thought you had.

 #2 Feeling not competent enough maybe some problems are starting to appear because you are progressing from an intermediate to an advanced level.    You feel the grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension is getting hard and harder, and you feel that you are not good enough or competent enough to master the English language.  The feeling of I can’t do it, it’s too hard overtakes you 🙁 Things can get pretty stressful for people who are trying to improve their English skills in order to make progress in their business or academic career, the feeling of incompetence here is slightly different.

**There are more reasons for losing your motivation when transferring from beginner to advanced level, but the two mentioned are maybe the most crucial ones. The point of emphasizing on the feeling of being too confident and not competent enough is to show you that your motivation to pursue language learning lies in our goals and knowledge about our own abilities.

Tips to help you stay motivated learning English:

Tip 1: Restructure your goals! Being an advanced learner is different from being a beginner. You need to sit down with yourself and think about what your next goal is in learning English is. Today is not yesterday, so forget about your goals you had a few days ago.  Make it a weekly habit to set new goals, reflect on your old goals, and track your progress in learning and developing your English skills.

Tip 2:  Learn more in fields you want to feel competent in. When you set your goals, don’t struggle with learning vocabulary that improves communication and understanding in areas that you will not be speaking about.  For example, if you are improving your knowledge of medical English, but you are not working in medicine, what is the point?  Make your learning goals as relatable to you, to what you will be using the English language for, to enable you to see progress and stay motivated learning English. 

Tip 3:  Stagnation will occur: sometimes you will feel that you are not improving or learning.  To overcome this, make sure to be setting regular goals, tracking your progress and rewarding yourself when you do understand more natural English or if you are able to better express yourself in spoken or written form.

**At the end of the day, all of these tips depend on what your goals are and what kind of learning you prefer.

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What keeps you motivated to learn English?

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