How to introduce yourself in English?

by | Jan 29, 2019 | The #UsingEnglishTP Podcast | 9 comments

Are you struggling to introduce yourself in English?  Maybe you are shy, you are scared about how people will perceive you and you don’t want to sound silly.  In this lesson we will learn how to introduce yourself in English. 

Together we will go through some common problems you may experience when introducing yourself to someone new in English, some unfortunate situations we and you may have found yourself in, and towards the end, some phrases, tips and suggestions to keep in mind when introducing yourself in English

Tips to help you introduce yourself in English:

Have you ever been in the situation when you want to introduce yourself to someone in English, but unfortunately you got a little stuck.

You may have been in the situation when you…

  • Don’t know what to say
  • Don’t how to introduce yourself in a formal situation
  • Scared of making a mistake
  • Scared of sounding dumb
  • Don’t want to leave a bad impression
  • Overthinking it and then simply getting confused
  • Not knowing how to act in front of particular people
  • Not knowing how to introduce yourself to a group of people

Unfortunately, if you have experienced any of the above, then you may have felt that…

  • People may (unfortunately)  think you are dumb
  • You may not say what you want to say
  • First impressions count, and you don’t want to leave a bad first impression

There are ways to overcome your fears of introducing yourself to new people in English. 

In todays podcast episode, Renata from @renataenglish joins us to teach you how to introduce yourself to someone new in English

Download the podcast lesson below:

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How do you introduce yourself to someone new in English?

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