English Speaking Partner : How to find the perfect partner!

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Do you need an English Speaking Partner? It is possible to find an English speaking partner, even native English speaking partners both online and offline if you know how to.  In this video lesson, you will learn how to find the perfect partner to improve your Engish Speaking Skills

Watch the video lesson to learn how to find a perfect English Speaking Partner for you:

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Would you like an English Speaking partner?
There are ways you can find an English speaking partner, both online and offline.
Below you will find some things you can start doing now to find a speaking partner,
ONLINE (if you’re living in a country where English isn’t used)
🗨Join Facebook groups with interests related to you and intereact like a decent human being with people in the group.
🗨Genuinely join discussions on posts here on Instagram, and DM people who share similar interest to you (note: only DM people after you have established a relationship by commenting on a post)
OFFLINE (if you’re in an English speaking country)
💨Pick up a new sport in your foreign language
💨Go to your local library and see what activities they have avaulable
💨 use website such as meetup.com to find events on around your area

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Download the audio lesson below:

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