Improve your confidence speaking in English with these lessons:

How to Learn English with Movies

Would you like to learn English with movies, buy you do not know how?  You do not know which movies will help, how to learn watching them, as you cannot understand a lot what is being said.  In this video lesson we will go through the beneifts of learnign English with...

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IELTS Speaking Part 1

Are you preparing for the IELTS exam, but you're a little nervous about the IELTS Speaking Section?  It's only normal to feel a little anxious and worries, as English is your second language and your being examined on your skills. But there are ways to help you...

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100 Common Irregular English Verbs

Improve your English grammar skills by learning these 100 common irregular English verbs you are most likely using when speaking in English.  In the video lesson below we will quiz your knowledge of these 100 irregular English words, and work on your pronunciation, to...

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