Awesome Students from The Whats App Speaking Club

by | Feb 19, 2019

Learning English alone can be boring and lonely, and it is not the most effective way to improve your ability to communicate in English.  This is one of the main reasons why I have created The Whats App Speaking Club, where you can follow The #UsingEnglishTP training program, to drastically improve your confidence speaking in English with real English speakers.

Below you will find interviews with students currently and previously enrolled in The Whats App Speaking Club, sharing their experience learning with us and also advice for you as to how to improve your confidence speaking in English.

A special thank you to all our awesome students who are completing the lessons, taking the time to do the work and see the results you deserve.  Remember to stay positive, stay consistent and keep connecting to achieve your goals using the English language 🙂


“ The Whats App Speaking Club has helped me get over my shyness and nervousness by recording my answers to the daily speaking challenge questions has really helped me

…to be honest before I joined, I felt so uncomfortable, but thanks to doing this on a daily basis, I was able to come out of my comfort zone! 

My tip for you is that you should learn English in English, do something every day to improve your English skills. This is exactly what we do in The Whats App Speaking Club.  I am always motivated to be consistent and not give up! ”

Kumiko from Japan

“It has been almost one month since I have enrolled in The Whats App Speaking Club, Honestly what I have learnt is more than what I expected, and their methodology is really useful if you are a serious learner. Above all is their patience and sophistication that our teacher @renataenglish has shown us during the group calls
I strongly advise everyone who’s willing to improve his / her English in a short period of time to join to us in The Whats App Speaking Club

Haleem from Sudan

“The Whats App Speaking Club has helped me connect and meet English speakers from different cultures. There they share with you their knowledge so you have an opportunity to discuss deeper topics in English…
Remember: Whatever you do, do it every day, that is the key! Only in this case will you see the results, this is exactly how we learn in The Whats App Speaking Club…..
….we have the best way to practice speaking every day with people who have a higher level of English than us”

Arpik from Armenia

“ The WhatsApp Speaking Club has helped me in many ways to improve my English speaking skills. In the club, you get to know new people, make friends from different countries, and it is an opportunity to practice my English on a daily basis… the feedback from our teachers in #UsingEnglishTP really helps us to improve on our mistakes.

…at the end of each week, we have the feeling of achievement completing all the speaking challenges.  The course content regarding pronunciation and grammar is really useful, its a great online course!

My advice is that you read, you listen as much as you can so you get familiar with the language and its just a matter of time, each day step-by-step you going are going to master English as a second or third language. ”

Tiago from Brazil

“The teachers and students always motivate me to learn English and never let me down…now I can speak and write a lot better , I can write and speak English more fluently which I couldn’t do before….finally I have found a club where I can improve my speaking skills every day with people from all over the world… I’m not only learning English but learning about other people and cultures .
By completing the lessons @usingenglishtp you will see with consistency day-by-day you will improve your fluency! 

An from Vietnam

“In the @usingenglishtp grammar, vocabulary, speaking and listening were all taught to me in a fun and motivating way… with regular feedback and follow up from our teacher…. it’s an excellent model and for sure, you will enjoy learning. You will be able to practice and improve your skills… and that will be the right steps to achieve your goals to speak fluently.”

Ibrahim from Qatar

@usingenglishtp has been amazing for me, because before I couldn’t even speak… I felt ashamed, didn’t feel confident or comfortable having conversations in English.  I felt like I didn’t have the proper knowledge… simply put that I didn’t know English.

I love the program, every day I have to speak, listen, read in English and its perfect, because it’s not difficult….you can feel that it is simple, but it helps you a lot
The WhatsApp Group helped even more because you have a really nice group of people from around the world, and you can talk any time of the day that you have time to speak. Because the other students help you to speak, help you with your mistakes, you don’t feel alone in this program…. You feel like you have a community of friends.
You need to practice, do the exercises and don’t feel like you have to be the perfect speaker in English to speak or write, because here you don’t have to feel that.
You have a support network and a teacher to help and listen to you, to respond to any issues you may have.

Melina from the Dominican Republic