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My name is Adriana, your online English speaking coach from Australia.

If you are a motivated English learner who needs regular speaking practice your improve your confidence speaking in English for your everyday life, then you’re in the right place!

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How can you improve your level of English to Speak English Clearly?

Most like you are here on my website right now because you feel stuck and frustrated with your level of English, and you don’t know how to improve your English.  Maybe you need to prepare for a job interview, speak more confidently at work, or even prepare for a proficiency exam (IELTS)  to study abroad.

Taking online English speaking classes with a professional and qualified online English teacher will help you better prepare for real-life situations and also drastically improve your confidence speaking in English.

The only way to drastically improve your confidence speaking in English is to be speaking on a regular basis and getting support and feedback on your English speaking skills

Who is Adriana?

My name is Adriana, your online English speaking coach from Australia.

Below you will find some facts about me :

🔸️Native English speaker from Melbourne, Australia

🔸️Has over 12 years’ teaching experience.

🔸️Cambridge CELTA qualified.

🔸️Master of International Business from La Trobe University

🔸️Can speak Croatian Fluently

🔸️Currently living in Zagreb, Croatia

🔸️Experienced in IELTS (Academic and General) preparation.

🔸️Creates content for Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Improve your level of Engish and your confidence speaking in English through immersion in our Whats App Group.  Learn from new weekly lesson sets, complete daily speaking challenges (with feedback from your teacher) and connect with other English speakers!
“I think that learning English is so interesting because I know how to learn English in an efficient way, and when I used English to talk with a native speaker that I felt more confident than before. Yunxian

from Taiwan

” The WhatsApp English Learning Group  is an awesome program with excellent material sent every week by Adriana…in my opinion this is superb….” Maik

from Brazil

 According to the received feedback from my friends and my colleagues, my improvement in English after joining… Homa

from Iran

 it used to take me a while before I felt confident enough to speak in English. I felt ashamed to talk and, because of that, I used to get nervous and to forget the words.  I feel much more confident, and English has turned into something natural for me.  Luisa

from Italy

“Sincerely I tell you this is a FANTASTIC online course, it helped me improve my speaking, writing, listening, and reading, and has been helping me to speak like a native!  Jedo

from Sudan

” The topics of this program are interesting, diverse, also covered holistic of English learning (reading writing listening and speaking). I would like to recommend everyone join our program and improve together! ” Violet

from Taiwan